AirMaxx Lite

HVAC system performance issues found and displayed easily.  All from the convenience of your phone.  For the low, low cost of free.

Wow your customers and simplify your HVAC testing.


  • No data plan required
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Test results displayed through clear, easy-to-understand visual graphs
  • Raw measurement inputs & resulting calculation values displayed for verification


The AirMaxx Lite application allows you to easily and quickly:

  • Estimate equipment-delivered airflow
  • Calculate total external static pressure value
  • Communicate equipment’s performance in delivering airflow relative to what it is designed to deliver
  • Looks up estimated delivered fan airflow so you don’t have to
  • Present results in engaging and clear visualizations
AirMaxx Screen CapsThe AirMaxx Lite™ app is available for both Android and iOS phones. It features easy-to-use data entry and easy-to-display reports to homeowners. Now you can download this app onto your phone or tablet and use this great tool for displaying an airflow ‘grade’ for your customers.

All you have to do is collect some simple nameplate information, then measure and input two static pressure values, and the app does the rest! The results are shown in graphs and wording that your customers can understand.

Included via a link in the app are assets and articles to help you perform static pressure measurements and what they mean.  Get started on the path to Performance-Based Contracting™ today by downloading the app for FREE from the app store of your device by using the links below.

Get started right away with National Comfort Institute’s AirMaxx Lite!

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